Camp Logisitics

We are looking forward to meeting you and your child(ren). Please review the information provided below to help you plan their time with us.

During drop-off, you may see children of various ages. There will be 2-3 camp groups taking place at STEMful and children will be separated into their group accordingly. Our teachers will assist you during drop-off. 

Where: STEMful SF (30 29th Street, between Mission St & San Jose Ave)

Drop-off window: 8:50-9:10am.

Pick-up window: 2:50-3:10pm. After this time slot a late fee will be charged if you have not signed up for aftercare (refer to Strict Late Fee).

Parking: Parking is relatively easy during drop-off. During pick-up, parking can be limited on 29th Street in front of our location. Free parking is available along San Jose Ave, and 29th Street between San Jose Ave and Dolores Street.

Precare (8:00-9:00am) and Aftercare (3:00-4:00 or 3:00-5:30pm): Feel free to contact us via email at if you need help with precare and/or aftercare. You can add on precare up to 1 day prior to camp and same day for aftercare.

Strict Late Fee: $25 for the first 10 min, $50 up to 30 min (our team is small and this strict late fee is to cover overtime if a parent is late picking up their child).

Authorized Pick-up: Only authorized caregivers are allowed to pick up your children. Please send us an email: by 12pm on the day of the authorized pick-up with 1) first and last name, 2) email, and 3) phone number. After 12 pm, we can not guarantee if the information will be entered in time for pick up.

Our system used the authorized caregivers phone number as part of the identification. Campers will not be released unless an authorized person is present or if you indicated otherwise through email.

Camp Schedule:

For a general outline on camp activities for ages 3.5-5.5 click HERE.

For a general outline on camp activities for ages 5.5-9.5 click HERE.

Curriculum and Videos: As part of our curriculum, we use short video clips to show children an experiment or demonstration, reiterating concepts. Video clips range from 3-6 min long with a max of 3 videos on any given day.

Outdoor Time: Lunch will be outdoors. Please let us know if your child needs help applying sunscreen. We will not apply sunscreen unless we receive a note from you.

Food: Children should bring NUT-FREE snacks and lunch, and a water bottle. We encourage REUSABLE containers to help us be more eco-friendly by reducing the waste we put in our landfills. Please make sure to label your child’s name on the water bottle and container.

Footwear: Our site is a SHOELESS environment, and we require socks. Send your children with socks during their time with us.

Indoor Mask Recommendation: STEMful aligns its policy with San Francisco Department of Public Health with a recommendation for children to wear a mask indoors, but we do not require it.  You can read more about the change by clicking HERE.

You can learn more about our safety practices in our studio by clicking HERE.

Extra Clothes and Rain Gears: Although not required, sending extra clothes would be helpful in case of accidents or when it is cold. Make sure to label all belongings. On rainy days, send your children with appropriate rain gears for them to be comfortable. 

Sleeping Bags/Blankets: Naps are not part of our 3.5-5.5 yr old camps, but we do have quiet time. Campers are welcome to bring their sleeping bags or blankets. Make sure these are well labeled with your child’s name.

Valuables/Toys/Electronics: We recommend that toys, all electronics or anything with meaningful values including expensive jewelries or family heirlooms should remain at home. STEMful and its staff are not responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Important Number: If anything comes up during camp or in case of emergency, you can contact our office at (415) 660-5975.

Sick Policy: Children must stay home if they are sick until their symptoms are resolved. If your children are sick, our staff will contact you for pick-up.

Cancellation: Click here to review the cancellation policy.

Air Quality Policy: STEMful will close if the AQI reaches 150 or above for a sustained period, as well if the forecast predicts it will remain above 151. If your child is especially sensitive to pollution and you have concerns about the exposure to air in the “orange” 101-150 range, we will contact you. We recommend sending your children with KN95 or N95 masks on poor air quality days.

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