Camp Schedule (3.5-5 years old)

Our schedule will vary slightly each day. Through out the day, our goal is for children to be active, participating and experimenting. Our teacher to student ratio for ages 3.5-5 years old is 1:4 with up to 8 students.

Camp program. Aftercare from 3:00-5:30pm is available. You can purchase aftercare when you know for sure you need it. Options are available for a day, full week or full session.

8:30-9:00am             Drop Off

9:00-9:30am             Open Circle, StoryTime

9:30-10:15am            Theme Activity

10:30-1:15am             Snack, Lunch**, Free Play (this time range will be outdoor at a nearby park)

1:15-1:30am               Walk back to STEMful

1:30-2:30pm              Theme Activity, Collaborative***

2:30-2:50pm             Closing Circle and StoryTime

2:50-3:00pm              Pack Belongings and Good Byes

3:00-5:30pm             Aftercare (optional)****

* During our theme periods, students focus intensively on their theme, with many hands-on projects and activities
** All kids should bring a nut-free snack and lunch, and water bottle. We encourage REUSABLE containers to help us be more eco-friendly by reducing the waste we put in our landfills. Please label your child’s name on water bottle, containers and clothes. Pack an extra set of clothes in case of accident.
*** Collaborative is a chance for kids to spend time together as a whole group. Activities may include non-competitive games, movement, crafts, and group projects.

**** Outdoor time and snack, craft, free play with STEMful toy collection.


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Summer Camps: 6/14-8/13