Program FAQS

Afterschool Program FAQs

Released: 5/15/2023

1. When does enrollment begin?

We will start filling spots starting June 1st. To begin the enrollment process, you will need to fill out our interest form and we will reach out to you through email for next steps.

2. When do the after school programs start and end?

Monday, August 14 through Tuesday, June 4

3. What is the registration fee used for?

The registration fee is a one time fee for new students (unless specified) and used towards our insurance coverage and permits.

4. How do I secure a spot in your afterschool program?

Pay the registration fee $250 (new students to the afterschool program ) or $100 deposit fee (returning student to the afterschool program).

5. Will I receive a refund on the registration, monthly and material fees if I cancel before the program starts on August 14? 

The registration fee is non-refundable.

You will receive a refund minus an admin fee of $25 and associated credit card fees for the monthly membership, material and transportation fees.

We do not guarantee a refund on the monthly membership, material and transportation fees if your cancellation is not received by 11:59pm on August 4. You must submit a cancellation to by August 4.

6. Do you offer the afterschool programs during school holidays and breaks? No. We offer full day camp programs during school holidays and breaks. Your monthly membership DOES NOT include these camp days. Camps are offered on Labor Day (9/04), Indigenous Day (10/09), Veterans Day (11/10), Thanksgiving Week (11/20-11/24), Winter Holiday (12/22, 12/25-12/29), Winter Holiday (1/1-1/5), Martin Luther King Jr Day (1/15), Lunar New Year (2/9), Presidents’ Day (2/19), Caesar Chavez Day (4/1), Spring Break (4/8-4/12), Memorial Day Weekend (5/24 & 5/27)

7. Do you prorate the monthly and material fees?

We prorate the program fee by 40% for August because the program aligns with the start of the new school year. All other months the fee is a flat fee as listed on the Curiosity Club or Curiosity Creators link. We will not charge for the month of June 2024 or charge for additional fees during parent-teacher conference week.

8. How can I cancel the program during the school year?

Cancellation must be made 10 business days prior to the first day of the month or a charge of 25% of monthly program fee may be applied. You must send an email to to formally cancel your membership.

9. Do you prorate if I cancel midway through the month?

No. We rely on your full payment to ensure that we have a robust staff to lead our programs.

10. Do you prorate for missed days?

No. We rely on your full payment to ensure that we have a robust staff to lead our programs.

11. What is your sick policy?

If your child is sick, even with a cold, we recommend that your child stay home until symptoms are resolved. If your child has pre-existing conditions, we ask that you contact us at All health information remains private and only shared to those who are supporting the programs.

12. Can I decrease or increase the number of days my child(ren) will attend?

Yes. You can email us at to make a formal request for the change .The change will start the following month or unless you specify otherwise.

13. Can I change the specific days my children will attend?

We recommend that you maintain the specific days your children will attend throughout a given month. You can request a change and the change will start the following month. 

14. What kind of activities do you offer students?

We offer a wide range of science, technology, engineering, art and math (STEAM) hands-on projects and activities for students. A weekly summary is shared to you in advance for your preview.

15. What is your teacher to student ratio?

1:8. We maintain small groups of 18-24 students in our Curiosity Club and Curiosity Creator programs.

16. Is snack included in the program? Yes, we offer healthy snack such as fruits, cheese sticks and crackers.

17. What happens on rainy days?

We recommend parents send their children with proper rain gear. Staff overseeing the Curiosity Club may choose to bring the students back to STEMful earlier than outlined in the schedule outlined on our Afterschool Program link.

18. Will STEMful offer the programs on bad air quality days?

STEMful will close if the AQI reaches 150 or above for a sustained period, as well if the forecast predicts it will remain above 151. If your child is especially sensitive to pollution and you have concerns about the exposure to air in the “orange” 101-150 range, we will contact you. We recommend sending your children with KN95 or N95 masks on poor air quality days. If we close, we will prorate you. If you choose to keep your children at home on days when the air quality is in the 101-150 range, we will NOT prorate you for those missed days.

19. Who can I contact for early pick-up?

Send us an email to, call 415-660-5975 or text us at ‪(415) 617-5634‬.