Curiosity Club (After School Club)

STEMful’s After School Program, known as Curiosity Club, aims to create an environment of excitement and hands-on engagement of   science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEAM) in everyday life, with the goal of building the will and skill for lifelong learning. Students (aka STEAMsters) will be intrigued as they embark on learning adventures each day, sparking and igniting interest in STEAM. The concepts explored in the Curiosity Club complement and enhance standard school curriculum. The mix between project-based structured activities and open ended play-based exploration provides kids a variety of ways to build dynamic knowledge about STEAM while they have fun!

What makes the Curiosity Club unique? 

The Curiosity Club focused on teaching students (ages 5-10 years old) STEAM by filling each afternoon with investigations and explorations that will peak students’ curiosity and creativity, building skills that will last a lifetime. 

Registration, Material and Monthly Fees 

Registration Fee: (one time) $225

Material Fee: (annual) $125

Monthly Fee: (3-5 days) $352-$525

Curiosity Club Schedule 

1:30-2:40pm: Pick up from school by STEMful Staff or authorized ride share staff. STEAMsters are transported to Upper Noe Valley Recreation and Park (NP)

2:00-3:15pm*: Outdoor Play Time and Snack at Noe Valley Park (on rainy days, STEAMsters will go directly to STEMful)

3:15-3:25pm: Arrive from park to STEMful (5 block walk)

3:30-5:30pm: Circle – Community Meeting, STEM Exploration (Focused Project/Investigation), Group Activity

5:30-6:00pm: Clean Up, Free Play, Pick-up  

*Parents have the option of dropping their kids off at STEMful. The earliest time is 2:15pm. Please make arrangements with STEMful Staff if dropping kids off at the park.

Black Out Dates

Indigenous Day (10/14), Veterans Day (11/11), Thanksgiving Week (11/25-11/29), Winter Holiday (12/23-1/3), 1/20 (MLK Jr Day), 1/24 (Lunar New Year), 2/17 (Presidents Day), 3/30-4/3 (Spring Break)

You may be wondering how you can get your children over to STEMful from school?

We know how busy parents are with juggling work and managing life daily activities. So scheduling pick ups from school to drop the kids off at STEMful can be logistically daunting. We understand!

To help ease your day and your kids, we partnered with a local, trusted rideshare service dedicated to serving kids. The rideshare service will pick up the kids from school and safely deliver to the Upper Noe Valley Recreation and Park or to STEMful front door. 

How does it work?

  • Once you registered for the afterschool club, we will provide you instructions to download the rideshare service app
  • STEMful Staff works with the rideshare service to arrange rides for your kids and bring them to STEMful Staff
  • Track the ride real-time through the app and reach driver when you need to

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