STEMful camps teach the mindsets necessary for cultivating lifelong STEM learning, and are built on the  framework of five objectives: curiosity, purpose, self expression, resourcefulness and innovation.

Our camps engage children ages 3.5-10 years old in wide STEM concepts and activities designed to “sprout their curiosity”. 

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All camp programs are designed for Team Curie, DaVinci, and Tesla (unless specified). Refer to the Age Level and Requirements tab to learn about each team age range and requirements and Cancellation Policy prior to registration. 

10/14 (Indigenous Peoples Day): Mysterious Science (Team DaVinci and Tesla)

Whodunnit? We need scientists to help us find out! Spend the day as forensic scientists, gathering evidence to formulate a conclusion using scientific methods. Sharpen your detective skills looking for clues, analyzing fingerprints, and testing strange substances to solve the mystery!

10/14 (Indigenous People Day): Mysterious Science (Team Curie)

We need help solving a mystery! Using the stories of Richard Scarry, Science Detectives
will learn mysteries are problems which are difficult solve. By engaging in various challenges
activities, kids will work on their powers of observation, exercise deductive reasoning, and systematically solve a problem.

11/11 (Veterans Day): Scientific Explorers (Team DaVinci and Tesla)

Science is everywhere! The sciences can be fascinating when explored from the inside out. From Chemistry to Physics, Earth Science to Biology, students will discover that there are many kinds of science. Dive in and unlock curiosity with Scientific Explorers!

11/11 (Veterans Day): Scientific Explorers (Team Curie)

Science is everywhere! Join the STEMful team as we explore different kinds of sciences. Students will learn through hands on play based activities what different scientists do in chemistry, biology, entomology, and more!

11/25-11/27 (Pre-Thanksgiving): Mighty Makers (Team DaVinci and Tesla)

Machines and structures don’t build themselves. They need creative, critical thinkers, who are willing to plan and test their ideas … In other words, Mighty Makers! Students will take on fun, hands-on challenges, such as designing incredible towers or building simple machines. Students will be inspired as they experiment with important STEM concepts.

11/25-11/27 (Pre-Thanksgiving): Mini Makers (Team Curie)

Children are naturally drawn to creating! Students will explore with tinkering and creating using a
variety of materials. They will be empowered to take apart, engineer, and build as they become
Mini Makers!

12/23: Incredible Inventors (Team DaVinci and Tesla)

Join us as we dive into the exciting world of Incredible Inventors! How do innovators create their inventions? Maker enthusiasts will learn about a variety of creators and their process. Come discover what the world looks like through the eyes of an inventor.

12/23: Incredible Inventors (Team Curie)

How do inventors come up with inventions? Students will learn about famous creators, the devices they invented, and their path of discovery. Join us as we dive into the exciting world of Incredible Inventors!

12/30-1/3 (Winter Break, no camp 12/31-1/1): Captivating Chemistry (Team DaVinci and Tesla)

Aspiring chemists will be captivated as we whip up potions and experiment with all kinds of chemical reactions! Campers will explore acids and bases, ph balance, and create reactions that explode, change colors, melt, and create new substances. Join us in our laboratory to explore the world of chemistry!

12/30-1/3 (Winter Break, no camp 12/31-1/1): Captivating Chemistry (Team Curie)

Aspiring chemists will be introduced to the world of chemistry. Little chemists will learn
what a chemical reaction is and conduct different experiments using science tools.
They will be familiarized with some scientific terms through the lessons, conducting experiments testing acidity using color changing noodles and color changing water beads, making elephant’s toothpaste, blow up balloons using the power of chemistry and built atom models.


Team Curie: 3.5-5 yrs old

  • Winter-Spring Camp Requirement
    • Must be potty trained and have bathroom independence
    • Includes Transitional Kindergarten
  • Summer Camp Requirement
    • Must be potty trained and have bathroom independence
    • Includes Transitional Kindergarten
    • Must be 3.5 yrs old by the start of camp 

Team DaVinci: 5-6 yrs old or K-1

  • Winter-Spring Camp Requirement
    • Must be at least 5 yrs old
    • Must be currently enrolled in Kindergarten or 1st grade
    • Must be an Emergent Reader
  • Summer Camp Requirement
    • Must be at least 5 yrs of age by the summer
    • Must be entering Kindergarten or 1st grade by the start of the new school year

Team Tesla: 7-10 yrs old

  • Winter-Spring Camp Requirement
    • Must be fluent in reading, writing and basic math.
    • Must be currently enrolled in 2nd grade and above
  • Summer Camp Requirement
    • Must be fluent in reading, writing and basic math.
    • Must be entering 2nd grade or above by the start of the new school year
  • Preschool Age Level (3.5-5 yrs old): 9:00am-1:00pm 
  • Elementary Age Level (5-10 yrs old): 9:00-3:00pm
  • Drop-ins (also known as a-la-carte) are available during multiple day camps
  • Precare (8:00-9:00am)
  • Aftercare (1:00-3:00pm and 3:00-5:30pm)  

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Preschool (3.5-5 years old)

Elementary (5-10 years old)

Please pack a nut-free snack and lunch. To reduce the amount of material we put in our landfill, we recommend using resuable containers.