Summer is one of our favorite times of year here at STEMful. Long days and a much-needed break from the children’s regular school routines give us great opportunities to explore more fun and hands-on learning experiences. The STEM summer camps we offer at STEMful provide children with stimulating and exciting educational play. Here is a preview of the new camps we’re introducing this summer!

Learn About the Tiniest Life Forms 

STEM education helps even our littlest learners understand the vast world around them. In The World of Tiny Life Forms and Microscopic Life, students will use microscopes and participate in activities and experiences to discover tiny life forms: where they are, what they do, how they spread, and their role in the world.

Explore The Connection Between Science and Food

The kitchen is a great place to learn about science! In Food Chemistry and Edible Chemistry, children will learn about the science behind food and find out what our foods are made of, nutritient content, and the role foods play in their health. Preschoolers will whip up kitchen experiments, explore their senses, and get their hands dirty (in the best way!)

Discover Problems and Create Solutions

Engineering is a core STEM concept and one that children can apply throughout their school years and adult lives. Our camps, How Things Are Made and Exploring Engineering take children through exciting adventures finding out how things are built and how to solve problems. By deconstructing and constructing with different materials, they uncover the secrets behind how things are made!

Dive Into The Deep Blue Sea

The ocean is one of the world’s great wonders, and students always have a blast learning about it and its inhabitants! Children who attend Exploring the Deep Blue Sea or Under The Deep Blue Sea will not only enjoy learning about the ocean and how we can care for it, but they’ll get to attend a field trip to the California Academy of Science to see ocean species and ecosystems in real life!

All About Animals

Does your child light up at learning about animals? If so, Zoolo-iosity or Animal Diversity are the perfect camps for them! In these STEM summer camps, students participate in exciting interactive and hands-on activities that show them what makes different animals unique and where and how they live. Students will also have the opportunity to attend a field trip to the Randall Museum of Science, Nature, and The Arts, which is full of exciting wildlife exhibits for them to discover!

Find Out What Makes Fast and Fun Things Go

Children love playing with toys that go, and they’ll find out what makes them move in this camp. Things That Go Zoom and Versatile Vehicles take students through the ins and outs of how physics allows planes, trains, boats, cars, and more to go! 

Study The Earth

The Earth’s surface offers many shapes and landscapes to explore. In our Mini Earth-ology and Earth-ology STEM summer camps, children will dig into the Earth’s topography and layers, exploring its mountains, valleys, plains, oceans, rivers, and more! 

Sensory Learning Adventures

Sensory play is a fun and essential element of STEM learning, as it helps children develop cognitive processing. Our Sensory Explorers STEM summer camp encourages children to learn how each of their five senses works, why they’re important, and their role in how we experience the world around us.

  • 4-8 yrs

Uncover Climate Change

Future generations will play a critical role in protecting our planet. In Global Climate-ology, students will learn about climate change and the relationship between the environment, animals, humans, the climate, and energy sources. They’ll explore ways they can support and sustain the Earth now and in the future.

  • 8-10 yrs 

Get Animated About Animation

Creative inspiration, learning, and discovery will abound at the Animation STEM summer camp. In this session, children will jump into the art of animation by viewing notable works and practicing techniques with animation projects. They’ll get to create their own animations with apps like Stop Motion and uncover animation elements like pacing, motion dynamics, and more while creating animated works.

  • 8-11 yrs

Explore The Wonders of The Human Body

Our bodies carry out incredible processes and functions every day. In Amazing Anatomy, students will find out just how amazing their bodies are! Throughout this STEM summer camp, we’ll examine our bodies’ structures, the processes that keep us alive and moving, and how our anatomy works in our day-to-day lives.

  • 8-10 yrs

Light Up About Power

Discovering, creating, and analyzing circuits (the paths electricity travels from one spot to the next) is exciting for students of all ages! The Power of Circuits camp shows children how circuit paths connect to move electricity and the vital role they play in providing energy to various power sources in their homes, schools, and everywhere around them. 

  • 8-10 yrs

Make Mechanical Magic

Physics, engineering, and creativity—Oh my! Mechanical Magic is a STEM summer camp created for children who love to build, construct, and make things go. Students in Mechanical Magic will learn about the physics and engineering concepts behind things that move, from wheels to gears!

  • 8-10 yrs

Innovate Your Own Inventions

Giving children opportunities to put on their creative hats, solve problems, and create their own inventions is an incredible way to encourage their STEM interests! In our Maker Space STEM summer camp, students will participate in hands-on challenges, design structures, and plan and test their ideas while exploring STEM concepts.

  • 8-10 yrs

Sign Your Child Up for a Summer of STEM Learning Fun!

Registration is open for these exciting STEM summer camps, and we hope to see your family there! Be sure to visit our Summer Camps page and sign up for the camp(s) you know your child will love.