Fall at STEMful is a wonderful time for learning and continuing fun from the summer! This year, we are thrilled to give families in our community various enrichment classes and programs to add value to their children’s educational experience. Our enrichment classes and programs are designed for children ages 1.5 to 10 years old, providing project-based learning experiences that show even the youngest learners how science is all around them.

Today, we are sharing our popular enrichment classes and programs you will find at STEMful this fall.

Classes at the STEMful Studio

The classes below will be held on-site at STEMful in our education studio. Our staff prioritizes cleanliness and safety practices, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to provide a safe learning space where parents can feel confident sending their children.

Toddler STEAM 

In this parent and child class for children ages 1.5 to three years old, our youngest students enjoy an age-appropriate and fun introduction to Science, Technology, Art, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEAM) learning! 

Our Toddler STEAM class creates a foundation for later learning in life. Little discoverers and their parents will take part in hands-on activities that support early math and science skills, as well as songs and stories that contribute to language development.

Mini STEAMsters

If you have a 2.5 to 3.5-year-old who is gearing up for preschool, mini STEAMsters is the perfect class to help prepare them for that transition! This series was created with preschool in mind, allowing children to learn, play, explore, create, experiment, and discover in a setting similar to what they will encounter at school.

Mini STEAMsters classes are filled with play-based exploration and activities that teach science and learning concepts. Children will build confidence in math and science through activities such as songs, art, STEM challenges, and more. They will identify shapes, explore chemical reactions, and even learn different math terms to develop their skills and lay the groundwork for their preschool experience.

Little STEAMsters

In Little STEAMsters, children ages 3.5 to five years old dive into the world of science. Our staff lead children in this class through various hands-on experiences and play-based activities that help them explore their universe through scientific concepts.

This class is designed to sharpen their scientific thinking abilities, learn new vocabulary, and expand their educational horizons. Together, we will observe physical properties, ask questions, talk about our observations, and make guesses and develop hypotheses about experiment outcomes.

Afterschool Enrichment Classes and Programs 

STEMful’s afterschool enrichment classes and programs encourage hands-on STEAM engagement and learning. We create experiences for children that will help them build the skills and interests to support a lifetime of learning. 

Our afterschool enrichment classes and programs provide a mix of open-ended, play-based exploration and project-based structured activities. The curriculums support dynamic STEAM knowledge that shows children how fun, exciting, and interesting learning can be. Best of all, our afterschool programs are intended to support and complement childrens’ standard school curriculum, enriching their education and helping them grow as they learn.

Curiosity Club and Curiosity Explorers

The most curious five to 10-year-old children will create unforgettable memories each afternoon they attend our Curiosity Club and Curiosity Explorers enrichment classes and programs! 

Curiosity Club, our indoor and outdoor program, teaches children STEAM concepts that cultivate their curiosity and encourage creativity. Through explorations and investigations, Curiosity Club participants will build skills to support their learning throughout their school years and into adulthood.

Curiosity Explorers is our outdoor after-school enrichment program and is perfect for parents who aren’t entirely comfortable with indoor settings for their children yet in light of COVID-19. Each afternoon, students explore the outdoors and learn important STEAM concepts through engaging projects and experiences. 

As we move through different lessons, teachers encourage children to observe, question, and think critically about the world they live in, supporting them becoming more interested and active citizens of our planet.

On-Campus (School) Enrichment Classes and Programs

Partnering with community-based organizations such as the YMCA and The Boys and Girls Club, and parent-teacher organizations, STEMful offers 45-60-minute, in-person enrichment classes and programs at public and private school campuses throughout San Francisco.

Through these partnerships, we give children ages 5 to 10 years old opportunities to engage in project-based STEM activities and experiences that spark curiosity! They learn STEAM concepts through interactive projects and experiments; opening their eyes to discover that science is everywhere around them–they just have to look!

Our on-campus enrichment classes and programs cover topics ranging from biology and evolution to chemistry and robotics. Sessions include six to 14 classes per semester and at times that work best for each unique school program.

School Holiday and Breaks Camps

On days when standard schools are not in session due to holidays and breaks, STEMful offers full-day camps to help children continue to stay engaged and off the screen. Themes range from forensic technologies, food chemistry, and sensory science. Don’t be surprised if your child starts investigating mysteries around your home and talk science concepts that they learn in our programs! 

Sign Your Child Up for STEMful Enrichment Classes and Programs

Want to give your child unique, fun, and exciting learning experiences this fall? Sign up for one of our enrichment classes and programs above, or contact us to learn how your PTO/PTA or San Francisco-area school can partner with us!