Summer is a magical time for adventure and exploration for children. This summer should be no different, and yet, the world isn’t quite ready for the summers we loved pre-COVID. As parents navigate what summer plans will look like with many vaccinated adults and unvaccinated children, we know you might have concerns about your children spending their entire day indoors at summer camps or summer school. 

That is why at STEMful, we are thrilled to offer hybrid indoor/outdoor STEM summer camps for children ages 3.5-5 years and 5-10 years, as well as exclusive outdoor programs through our STEMful Explorer camps! Our project-based programs encourage children’s love for learning in a fun environment, and parents can rest easy knowing more time outside reduces their exposure to COVID-19. 

Today, we are sharing the unique learning experiences you will find in our indoor and outdoor STEM summer camps.

STEM Summer Camps for Preschool-Aged Kids (3.5-5 yrs)

Uncover Science Concepts for the Littlest Learners

It is never too early to introduce scientific concepts to young children! In our Little Scientists summer camp, preschoolers will explore the exciting world of science. The three-week session introduces them to science through age-appropriate learning and play. 

Your child will have a great time learning about Charles Darwin and evolution to biology, chemistry, meteorology, and even rainforest habitats! 

Explore All of the ‘Ologies!

One of the best things about introducing science to even the smallest students is that it encourages them to ask questions and investigate! With our Mini-Ologists session, children learn about different science areas and how scientists study them to understand the world. 

Through engaging activities, we’ll explore how paleontology and geology teach us about the world of dinosaurs! Our session will also take our curious learners to the skies as we explore astronomy and study the stars. 

Discovery Adventurers

It’s our hope at STEMful that children develop a love for exploring the sciences and learning about the world. In Discovery Adventurers, preschoolers get a taste of various science areas with some unforgettable experiences indoors and outside.

This STEM summer camp introduces children to subjects including biology, chemistry and reactions, and engineering and building like a “maker.” In this unique program, preschool-aged children will practice skills like critical thinking and asking questions, all while having a fantastic time!

STEM Summer Camps for School-Aged Children (5-10 yrs)

Explore the Wonders of Science 

Children are very capable of conceptual scientific learning and finding out how the world works. With our Science Explorers program, they get to explore a variety of scientific study areas. Children will have a blast learning through investigation, asking questions, and practicing early scientific reasoning throughout the three-week session.

At this onsite and outdoor STEM summer camp, our young scientists will enjoy hands-on experiences that introduce topics including evolution and development; physics, energy, and forces in movement; and chemistry and matter. 

Our exclusive outdoor version of this camp, STEMful Explorers Camp: Science Explorers, takes children outside for educational fun every day!

Building Scientific Knowledge By Hand

We are all about hands-on learning at STEMful. In our Zoomin’ Through Science camp, children will learn about machines, motion, and gravity by building with LEGO© bricks. Using LEGO as well as art projects, children will discover how objects on wheels behave in different scenarios through hands-on activities about physics and mechanics.

We introduce students to concepts surrounding motion and how simple machines support bigger projects; gravity and its impact on objects in motion; and how and why things move.

Learn About the Scientific Magic of Our Universe

Seeing the sense of awe and wonder children feel as they learn about the vast universe around us is magical. From Atoms to the Stars! offers children the opportunity to learn that from the tiniest molecules to enormous planets, science is all around us. 

This program in our STEM summer camp lineup will guide children through understanding the science behind our incredible universe. We will explore the building blocks of matter, how the human body functions, and explore the solar system through the lens of space travel.

Children can enjoy full days of learning outside with the exclusive outdoor version of this camp, STEMful Explorers Camp: From Atoms to the Stars!.

Exploring Energy Through Play

There are forces behind everything, and in this camp, students will learn about them with LEGO bricks! Energy is Rad-ical will guide children through learning about how forces and energy impact the way things are built and made! 

We will study the way engineers plan for their creations to function through experiments and art projects. Students will also investigate Newton’s Three Laws of Motion and how they apply to our everyday lives. Lastly, we dive into kinetic energy, including motion, heat, light, sound waves, and more!

Discover Fascinating Ecosystems

There are habitats and communities of living things all around us, from the bugs in our backyard to the creatures that swim in the depths of the ocean. Teaching children about the Earth’s ecosystems helps them understand the importance of the environment we share with every living organism on this planet. In our Ecosystem Extravaganza STEM summer camp, we do just that.

This camp focuses on exploring our planet’s ecosystems through educational adventures outdoors. We will learn about everything from the smallest creatures to plant life in the rainforest to the largest ecosystem out there – Earth! We will also introduce children to concepts and examples that emphasize why our ecosystems are vital to life on this planet.

Our STEMful Explorers Camp: Ecosystem Extravaganza camp is a completely outdoor version of this session!

See How The World Works

Uncovering the secrets behind how things work is one of the most exciting aspects of STEM learning for kids. We created Gear Me Up for students who love putting things together or taking things apart! 

Throughout the session, students will get a taste of how engineers invent and solve problems. They will create arts and crafts projects, and build gizmos and gadgets with LEGO pieces. In the final week of the camp session, children will learn how amusement park rides are built and become mini-engineers themselves, constructing their own rides!

Ready to Sign Up?

Enroll your preschool and school-aged children in any of our STEM summer camp programs for a summer full of excitement, adventure, and STEM learning! With onsite and outdoor summer camp experiences, they’ll love learning through play, and you can rest easy knowing their exposure to COVID-19 is mitigated by our learning format and multilayer approach of creating a safe indoor space. Visit our Camps page to sign up today!