Summer Camp FAQs                         

1. How many groups are in your studio and how big is each group?

We will have 4 groups. Three groups are part of our indoor/outdoor camp and will have  8 to 12 children/group/session. One group is exclusively outdoors and will have 14 children/group/session. Refer to answers in question 8 to see each camp schedule.  

2. How many teachers are in each group?

Only two teachers are in each group.

3. What do I expect after registration? 

Between two and three weeks prior to the start of the camp session, you will receive a community waiver that you must sign in order for your children to attend our session. The waiver will include language required by the Department of Public Health.

One week prior you will receive a reminder logistic email about what to bring each day. We schedule screening questions pertaining to Covid-19 safety practices. These questions go into your inbox each day at 6am.

4. Are there any travel restrictions? We will implemented any travel registrations required by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. 

5. What should I pack for my children? Please make sure to label your children’s personal items

  • Face Mask (must be well fitted around the face, and double layer with a filter between the layers) 
  • Extra backup face mask
  • Nut-free Lunch and Snack (please) 
  • Reusable Water Bottle 
  • Sunscreen 
  • Hat/Sunglasses (for sun protection) 
  • Backpack/bag to take home projects or carry their belongings
  • Change of clothes
  • Optional: a book or another independent game (if your needs it)

6. What is your camp cancellation policy? Please refer to our policy by clicking HERE

7. What if my children have a cold? For us to maintain the health of our small groups, please keep your children at home until symptoms are resolved. It is your responsibility to update us so that we are aware of your children conditions.

8. What is the camp schedule? STEMful teachers balance fun and learning. Our camps are designed to bring joy and creativity, with a sense of exploration and adventure in both indoors or outdoors hands-on projects and outdoor games and activities. Children learn best when they are happy, comfortable and welcomed by their community.

Learn more about what the daily schedule looks like:

Preschool (ages 3.5-5 years, includes transitional kinder)

Indoor-Outdoor Elementary (ages 5-10)

Outdoor Camp – Elementary (ages 5-10)

9. Do I need to make a decision on registering for extended care when I register for the camp session? No. You can wait until you know your schedule.

10. Can I register for just one week of extended care, I only see per day and per session options? Yes of course! You can email us at and will invoice you.

11. Is there a payment plan? Yes. you are required to pay 50% at the time of registration, and the remaining 50% ten business days before the camp session starts. 

12. Can my child start at a later date of the camp session?  Yes, but you will have to pay for the full session. We do not prorate. We also required you to follow Covid-19 community guidelines as provided by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. 

13. What is your Covid-19 Safety Practice?

STEMful is proud to share that we ran in-person camp programs Summer’20 with the following areas listed below. We have continued leading in-person learning pods and after school programs since Fall’20.  

  • central HVAC with HEPA filter
  • individual portable HEPA filter system in each room
  • regular monitoring of CO2* level in each room
  • well ventilated room with opened windows and/or doors 
  • regularly scheduled disinfection in highly used areas (such as the bathroom) 
  • mask requirement: double layer mask that must be well fit around the face at all time except during drinking and snacking
    • our program schedule has children eating outdoors 
    • on days when the weather doesn’t permit outdoor time, children’s snacks and lunch time will be staggered and CO2 will be monitored closely
  • staff wears two masks (unless health conditions does not allow the practice): double layer mask and KN95
  • all staff will be fully vaccinated by early April’21
  • physical distance practice 
  • regularly hand washing
  • hand sanitizing stations are strategically placed throughout the studio and available for outdoor programs
  • individual craft supplies and toys are provided for each child
  • screening questions related to Covid-19 health related will be sent to your inbox at 6am each day (this helps with quick drop-off)
  • teachers will regularly monitor students’ conditions throughout the day

Note on the importance of CO2 monitoring: CO2 is co-exhaled with aerosols containing SARS-CoV-2 by COVID19 infected people and can be used as a proxy of SARS-CoV-2 concentrations indoors. Indoor CO2 measurements by low-cost sensors hold promise for mass monitoring of indoor aerosol transmission risk for COVID19 and other respiratory diseases. Read more HERE.

Summer Camps: 6/14-8/13