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STEMful is dedicated to cultivating a profound interest in science, technology, engineering and math in children at a young age.

  our story

The concept of STEMful, a warm and nurturing STEM community space, blossomed in 2014. Founder Kim Nguyen-Ehrenreich, with a thriving San Francisco-based, STEM-education business, conceptualized a space that is open to her community. A space where parents can bring their kids to learn, engage and become curious about STEM. A space where curiosity can sprout… 

STEMful opened on Friday, March 17th to the San Francisco Community.The space provides a warm environment for parents to take their kids and spend time with them engaging in STEM activities. We offer classes, camps and workshops for kids ages 1.5-12 years old. STEMful is a creative space where you can host off-site meetings, parties and evening workshops. 

Learn more about the dedicated team members who all share a passionate for teaching kids STEM concept through interactive projects and storytelling. 


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