STEMful Learning Pod

STEMful Learning Pod is a new program designed to support parents during the new school year’s distance learning. Our teachers will supervise, lend technical support, and provide socialization for grade-school aged children, while they attend their school virtual meetings and complete their school work at our educational studio. Physical playtime outdoors is another component to our program. We are your educational partners during this unprecedented time. This program will continue to exist until schools can safely accommodate children back and will be modified as needed to accommodate changes. 

How it works? When it starts?

  • Number per pod: 8-12 kids per 1-2 teachers
  • Total pods: 3
  • Total number of kids in all 3 pods: 32
  • Siblings are in the same pods to reduce exposure
  • Pods are in separate rooms and/or levels 
  • Scheduled morning drop-off time
  • August 31-Dec 18, potentially into spring 2021

What are covered in the program?  

  • STEMful teachers will provided daily updates and weekly report on classwork and make recommendations on areas that your child may need additional work. 
  • STEMful teachers will provide each child with an electronic device to use during her/his school meetings while at the studio.
  • STEMful teachers will print and organize each child’s classroom worksheets.
  • Selective school holidays will be covered in the monthly fee to help you avoid additional planning and cost for those days. 

Material and Monthly Fees 

Learning Pod Program (8:30am-3:00pm)
4 mo commitment – $1775/month from
month by month commitment – $1875
Sibling Discount: $150 off/month
Material Fee: $200 for the 4 months (required to hold your spot)

Learning Pod Program with after school extension (8:30am-6:00pm)
4 mo commitment – $2250/month
month by month commitment – $2400/month 
Sibling Discount: $150 off/month
Material Fee: $300 for the 4 months  (required to hold your spot)


No refund on material fee. For cancellation, two weeks noticed prior to the first of the month is required.

Black Out Dates

  • 9/7 (Labor Day )
  • 11/23-11/25  (Thanksgiving Week)
  • 12/21-1/4 (Winter Holiday)

Summer Camps: 6/14-8/13